2020 what you take is what you get!

This was my year, did anyone say that!

The start of a New Year, start of new life, renewed hope and everyones endeavour to make this their own. Let this year be the best of my years, let me create some memories for life, let me travel to another part of the world to unravel another beautiful secret. These are often things that fill our minds as we walk into a new year, well 2020 was no different but what none could see was how the year would unfold and how all our destinies would be aligned.

January came with its festive vibe and carried on till February. But a sudden chill started to engulf the world towards the end of February. Nobody knew what exactly was unfolding, everything seem to be happening in a remote land, far from us. For the Western world it was an oriental virus trying to invade into their land and they were contemplating the strategy to forbid it from entering. People were starting to breath inside their masks.

Boom, comes March with a bang. The world is put on red alert, the virus has already spread far and wide but how, when, why, no one has a clue. Countries are grappling to come in terms with what just happened. Health workers are put the ultimate test. Slowly the whole of Europe is on its knees. The toll rises by the day, every precaution has been sounded loud and clear. Millions of people are locked up inside their home with the fear of this unseen attacking them. Old or young none is spared. It is a pandemic, announces the World Health Organization, who’s origin is traced in the far east city of Wuhan In China.

Every country including India announces an unprecedented lockdown. For over three months, people are holed up inside their home. With uncertainty looming large, everything from work to education changed for ever. Change was inevitable they say and this was a change human kind had to soon adapt to. As, we still live in the middle of the pandemic, what are our basic learnings, what has it changed within. Here are my learnings, why don’t you list yours in the comment section, so we learn from each other and grow:).

  • We do not need more.
  • Learn to respect your bodies and treat it well.
  • Treat your environment with respect, make small changes towards sustainable living.
  • Up-skill your attitude, make some adjustments to make work more productive from home.
  • Give a helping ear, everyone is holed up just like you, a little compassionate ear may even save their lives.
  • Stay positive, learn new things, read books, talk to family & friends.
  • Reach out if you need help, communicate more.
  • Stay safe & stay healthy!



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Dola Samanta

Dola Samanta


Brand Storyteller, Traveller (not the new age kind), Poet, Wine & Food & Cultures. Live.Love.Laugh!