Charles Bridge, Prague

It was 4pm when I finally set foot in Prague, bright and sunny April day. I will filled with joy and smilling from ear to ear, just with the thought that I have come to a country unknown and unplanned and there is going to be so many revaltaions inward and outward. Each place I travel to take me first to that happy place inside of me, travel gives me a sense of happiness and fufillment like no other.

Coming back to the bus terminus where the bus from Berlin dropped me in exact four hours. I had activated my internation roaming and that always comes handy in a new place till you figure wifi etc. I searched for the loaction and my hotel on the Google Maps, it showed about 20 mins by bus or train and multiple mode of transport, taxi was out of the question because I was in no hurry and I rather use that extra money to indulge in a couple of glasses of wine.

I came out of the terminus to find the metro station, which was right opposite and underground. I walked right in, still feeling like a child while opeining birthday gifts. However, as I walked to the platform I found that the singage was not in English and the ticket counters were all shut, wearing a deserted look, something was not right. I started to feel a bit anxious and throught of just getting out first and taking a cab. But my eyes fell on few fellow travellers a little away buying tickets from the ticket dispensing machines. I felt relived, after all google was not leading me astray. I walked straight into one of the machines only to fine that it does not accept Euros and only local currency can be inserted to buy a ticket. I thought to myself, don’t waste your time just get out and cab it. But something rose on the inside as I saw a man buying tickets from the machine next to the one I was trying, he had a backpack and looked every bit like a fellow traveller. I called out to him and asked if he could help me get a ticket and I would pay him in Euros, he spoke in English and readily agreed. I enquried if he was also a traveller, he nodded and said ‘ Nah I am a local’. He then handed me the ticket and I offered to pay but he was very kind and refused my offer and said it was alright and the ticket cost is not much. I was already loving this Prague and the people.

The train took ten minutes to my destination and I got out happier, I was now in downtown Prague. As I got out of the station I swtiched my Google Maps to figure the way to my Hotel, the map indicated fifteen mintues by foot. I was looking forward to the walk and guess what it took me through a beautiful highstreet, lined with high fashion brands and botiques, it felt like I was walking my dreams. I am not a shopoholic but I appreciate and know a bit about lux brands and their craftsmenship, I use to produce a show on television called ‘ Indulge’ thats where my love with lux begun. Then suddenly Google took a detour and put me on a cobble street and I felt like I was inported from 21st century back to 18th century. It was just the things that my sould craves for, I kept walking and saw a horse carriage pass by and then found a fenced part. On looking closely I figured It was a Jewish cementry. Prague has many of them and this was my first, I was now looking forward to just exploring more of the history that prague had to offer. As I came closer to my heritage botique hotel I saw the River Vltava flowing on the left side, I was delighted to know I am closer to the heart of the city and the river.

Then I finally reached my hotel, which was located just 200mts from the river and in a quaint cobble street that seemed to be steeped in history. I checked into my little room, or precious abode for the next three days and freshed up and got ready to start my discovery of Prague. I had no plans, no agenda but to explore, meet some good people, learn a little bit about the country and eat, drink and be merry. The dinner was however planned, a cousin had tarvelled to Prague a couple of years back and she highly recommended this old traditional restaurant for dinner, they were famous for their Pork nuckles and pork ribbs. I had the whole evening before I could get there and what better way to start than walk along the river.

At the Mlejnice, Prague

Prague was a dream come true in three days, I long to go back, I long to walk by that river, I long to walk to and fro on Charles bridge. This story will continue….stay with me to experince the beautiful Prgue.

I have hyperlinked the hotel name I stayed at and I highly recommend it for the location, service, breakfast and wonderful friendly staff.

Also, buy a ticket to the hop on and hop off buses to explore the place town and other parts of the city.

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